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This Walden Kayaks dealership, Earth Friendly Kayaks was established in response to the many inquires I had from people who wanted to buy Walden Kayaks after the company went through liquidation and a change of ownership in 2005.Many people called me as a result of an article on, because I had purchased some of the finished kayaks and work in progress.
Those kayaks were all sold to happy customers. ( Check my Ebay ratings under 'littlesidebiz")

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For Pricing or To Order Call: 1-508-992-4144   

Walden kayaks were sought not only because of their commitment to using a both recycled and recyclable materials in their construction, but also because they had become prized for their value, safety and performance( a thick foam inner coating insulates them, makes them stiffer and virtually unsinkable)..The Walden name and most of the kayak molds and equipment were sold at auction.and are once again being manufactured in the a long-established boat building family.

As an authorized dealer, I am offering these kayaks directly to the public, together with an accessory package that offsets all or most shipping costs.. These kayaks are new and come with all factory warranties. They will be shipped directly to your home, business, or a trucking terminal near you, and in most cases the shipping costs will be less than $100. Buyers will get a $100 credit toward accessories for each kayak to help offset any shipping expenses.

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Walden Vista Expedition Kayak Print E-mail
The Walden Vista is a very lightweight, easy to handle kayak that packs the performance of a 14 footer into 12 1/2 feet.

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The Walden Adirondack is a perfect kayak for someone who wants more room, comfort, and stability with great tracking and manuverability.


Walden Spirit Tandem Kayak Print E-mail
The Walden Spirit is a roomy, stable and comfortable kayak that can carry up to 425 pounds. Seats that slide on tracks make it usable by one or 2 people.
Walden Scout Print E-mail
The Walden Scout is the most versatile and stable of the walden Kayak line. It has a roomy cockpit (54" X 20") and a storage bin that is separate from the main compartment- ideal for storing the day's catch, or keeping a picnic on ice.


For Pricing or To Order Call: 1-508-992-4144